Purchase Order Disclaimer


In consideration of the performance of the work under this Purchase Order, Seller agrees, at its own expense, to comply with all applicable Federal, State or local laws, rules, regulations or ordinances, including but not limited to the following.

  1. Equal Opportunity Compliance. The Equal Employment Opportunity Clause in Section 202 of Executive Order 11246, as amended, relative to equal employment opportunity and the implementing rules and regulations of the Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Programs are incorporated herein by specific reference. On request, seller shall furnish buyer certificates of compliance with orders and regulations.
  2. Employment of the Handicapped and Vietnam Era Veterans. This order is subject to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 P.L. 93-112, Section 503 and the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, Section 402 and the Rules and Regulations issued pursuant to said acts are hereby incorporated by reference, and Seller, unless exempt, agrees to be bound by the provisions thereof.
  3. Fair Labor Standards Act. In connection with the production of the goods specified herein, Seller warrants that all goods delivered hereunder will comply with all applicable requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act as amended. Invoices and documents accompanying the goods sold hereunder must carry the following certificate, “We hereby certify that these goods were produced in compliance with all applicable requirements of Section 6, 7 and 12 of the Fair Labor Standards Act, as amended, and of regulations and orders of the United States Department of Labor issued under Section 14 thereof.” No material or goods will be accepted unless the invoice and documents accompanying the goods sold hereunder contain the aforesaid statement.
  4. Occupational Safety & Health Act. Seller warrants that the goods or services furnished on this order are in compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970, as amended and all applicable regulations, rulings, orders and standards promulgated thereunder from time to time.
  5. Toxic Substances Control Act. Seller represents and warrants that all materials furnished pursuant to this purchase order (or any subsequent modifications, renewal of revision thereof) have been manufactured, sold furnished, transferred and delivered in compliance with all applicable sections of the Toxic Substances Control Act (15 USC Sec. 2601 et seq.) and all applicable amendments, regulations, rulings, orders and standards thereunder.
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