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Faultless offers a full line of fabric care solutions, from our newest offering, ReWear Dry Wash Spray—which helps you skip a load of laundry for lightly worn clothes—to our ironing sprays (Faultless, Niagara and Magic), along with our Wrinkle Releaser, Static Remover and Iron Cleaner products.

ReWear Dry Wash Spray

ReWear Dry Wash Spray


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Faultless, Niagara and Magic

Faultless, Niagara and Magic Starch Products


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Ironing Sprays

Starching used to be considered a lost art, but it’s making a comeback now that people are becoming aware of its benefits. Here are five advantages of having starch in your laundry arsenal:

1. Makes ironing easier + faster

Starch has ironing aids that help the iron glide faster and “sets” the fabric so you don’t have to iron over the same area as many times.

2. Helps you look polished

There’s a noticeable difference between a professionally laundered shirt and one that’s been cleaned and ironed at home—except when you use starch.

3. Keeps wrinkles out longer

Compared to alternatives like steam, starch is better at helping you maintain that freshly ironed look throughout the day.

4. Protects fabric from stains

Starch acts as a barrier between fabric and dirt or sweat, causing dirt to stick to the starch instead of the fabric and making it easier for these stains to come out in the wash.

5. Extends the life of fabric

A big misconception about starch is that it degrades fabric over time. In reality, it extends the life of fabric by preventing fraying and lessening the need for harsh, heavy-duty cleaning products in your laundry routine.

Ready to get started using starch? Check out our tutorial for how to iron a dress shirt like a pro.


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