Our Brands

Fabric Care

Faultless offers a full line of fabric care solutions, from our newest offering, ReWear Dry Wash Spray—which helps you skip a load of laundry for lightly worn clothes—to our ironing sprays (Faultless, Niagara and Magic), along with our Wrinkle Releaser, Static Remover and Iron Cleaner products.

Home Care

Faultless Brands is committed to caring for the home in convenient and environmentally preferred ways. Lively is our new product line spanning household cleaning & pet care that uses the natural power of probiotics to help remove dirt, odors and bad bacteria. Some products continue to work for up to 3 days! Bon Ami cleanser is a powder cleanser and is unique in that it does not contain bleach, perfume, or dye. People who are concerned about their homes, families, and environment often prefer this non-scratching cleaner that dates from 1886. Kleen King metal cleaners easily clean pots & pans with special non-toxic cleaning agents that add a bright luster to stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.

Home Fragrance

At Trapp, it’s all about the fragrance. That’s why we guarantee every product will fill a room with fragrance within minutes. Trapp is set apart by its unmatched fragrance quantity and its mission to use only the highest quality fragrances. Our diverse line of candles, room sprays and reed diffusers are designed to excite one’s senses and suit every occasion.

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