Sustainability in manufacturing


Commitment to the environment became a highly important corporate objective under Gordon T. Beaham, III, chairman of the company until 2013. Under his leadership, the company began a number of environmental initiatives; such as an association with the National Parks and Conservation Association. The Faultless campus uses a variety of: roof solar panel technology, rain-collection systems, recycled/re-purposed lumber, Riverfront Heritage Trail System access, energy conservation programs, industrial and office recycling, packaging reduction programs, emission reduction programs and environmental scorecards.

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Employee Wellness

Employee wellness program


Having an employee wellness program in place creates a role for the company in helping employees make healthy choices. The program promotes healthier living choices that make a sustainable impact on costly lifestyle related diseases. We have partnered up with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City in introducing “The Healthier You” program. This is an incentive based program initiating health and wellness through a health risk assessment and educational classes that are all on site. We are showcasing how prevention, coupled with a supportive work environment, can improve employee health and productivity, lower healthcare costs and create a more positive environment.

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